DC27 Pirate Projects

The Whiskey Pirates did not design a badge this year. Boo. But that doesn't mean we don't have badges to bring. Individual pirates have put together badges this year.

This is a list of resources for DC27 pirate badge projects.

Preview Design Code Qty Built How to get? Info / Links
true true >150 total
~100 in the wild
Bucks, Bitcoin,
Badges, or Booze;
-or- do cool shit
-or- just be cool
suggested: $100-150


Note: Very basic code this year. Bring badge back to DC28 to participate! (we hope...)

true true >123 Barter:
Bucks, Bitcoin,
Badges, or Booze;
-or- do cool shit
-or- just be cool
suggested: $40-60

GAT Nametag

A simple nametag addon with a unique twist.
75 Find the Lightning
on the con floor

Internet of Batteries

soon Cprossu
n/a Lots Tips for WP
Recommend $10-30
Or get lucky

AOA Disagree

A sky pirate's answer to Boeing's failed indicator.
Comes right-side-up or upside-down, depending on when you notice the indicator.
10 amber LEDs driven by a 555 timer. Variable resistors for adjusting duty cycle and frequency.
soon Kredence Kredence ??? dunno yet


Where is WP this year?

We don't know yet. At DEF CON 27 if it isn't canceled. We won't know until DC27 starts.

Some more information

After the debacle of our badge at DC24, WP has been asleep for a while. We had no badges to show at DC25 nor at DC26, and little other motivation to do anything else other than open our room, have some chats and serve booze.

We've come up with some great ideas at the last two cons, but are very aware that have no way to make them reality without funding. We don't want to sell badges.

While some have offered to help, it just hasn't been reliable nor enough. There is also the fact that we can never promise to complete or deliver anything.

So for 2019, for DEF CON 27, true worked on some badges separate from the Whiskey Pirates with two goals: bring more fun badges to con, and to fund further Whiskey Pirates projects.

The main design - SPACE FORCE! - was brought up during tired nighttime chats at DC26. The nametag and AOA were last minute designs.

Badges will still be given away at con this year, but true's badges will also be sold to fund future projects. If you want to help out, consider buying a Space Force or Nametag badge.

We don't want money to stand in the way of having a good time, so contact us or meet us in the room if there is any way we can help you.

Who made your badges?

Well I can tell you they weren't made in China. OK, the PCBs were. I'm sure many of the components were as well. But board assembly was kept local.

true machine- and hand-assembled all Space Force and Nametag badges in Las Vegas, NV. Over 20,000 parts were placed, many being hand soldered.

true assembled the main component side of the Internet of Batteries badges. Aask and true did top-side assembly by hand during the long July 4th weekend.

Several people assembled AOA badges.

Many hundreds of hours went into assembly of badges this year. Blame the above people if there are soldering faults on your badge =)

Badge designers and code authors are listed in the above table.

About the Whiskey Pirates

We're just a group of hackers and technology enthusiasts from all over the Internet and the world.

Our core base of operations is in Las Vegas, NV.

Membership isn't exclusive or even really a thing. Want in? Be cool.

Key principles:

    Just be cool
    Hack shit, learn shit, teach shit, or chill
    Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free

How can you contact us?

So, you want to help us?

We're pirates. We're not a charity. Whatever ends up our way will be used however we want, and we can't promise anything good will happen or that you'll get anything out of it.

With this in mind, of course we'll take your money, parts, or badge stuff. See us in person for a drink, contact us above or visit whiskeypirates.com for online methods.