General Usage:
  Turn the badge on. Wear the badge.

  Charging only works when the power is ON.
  Yeah, it's weird. But for safety, the power switch disconnects the battery.
  Use Blackout mode to turn off lights while you sleep.

Setting your name:
  Enable the web interface in the menu to set your name and change the WiFi password.
  What menu?
  - Wear the badge
  - Look down at it on your chest
  - Put your hands around it
  - Flip it upside down and bring it to eye level
  - Magic

What it does:
  Acts as a nametag with lightshows.

What it will do (DC27):
  What it does now.

What it will do (DC28):

  Use Button 1 and Button 2 (capacitive touch) to move left and right in the menu.

  Tap Space Force 1 to toggle options that can be toggled.

  To use WiFi to configure your name and lightshow,
  - Go into the Menu
  - Enable WiFi
  - Connect to the obvious SSID with the password shown in the menu

Things to know:

- When turning on the badge, make sure your hand is clear of the bottom of the badge
  until the badge starts showing lights. At this time the badge buttons are calibrated.
  Failure to follow this step will result in non-operational butotns.

- The badge must be ON in order to use the USB interface, including charging!

- If the badge is keeping you awake, use the Blackmode Mode to turn off the lights.

Known bugs:

- Sometimes the screen glitches. Don't know why.

- Sometimes a random erectus happens. This is currently considered a feature.

- The code to determine unique addreses is broken. Oops. Set a new password ASAP.

- When updating the WiFi password, the badge will reboot. Currently a feature. Sorry.

Common issues:

1. I touched to the right of the badge and it shut off.
   - Don't do that. Or put tape over that area.

2. My OLED fell off. (happens more with blue OLED)
   - Find true for repair.

3. My OLED is way too dim. (happens with blue OLED)
    - Find true for repair.

4. BK is near me
    - Run

Other questions:

1. Who / what is "BK"?
   - You'll know when you see him. Sorry.